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Get the most
out of your
office parking

Thousands of staff across
Australia use BaseUp every day.

Some of the companies we work with:

How BaseUp Can Help You

Increase Parking Utilisation by 40%

Most CBD offices use less than 65% of their parking during the work week. Introduce shared, flexible parking for employees and visitors to maximise your utilisation.

Introduce New Staff Benefits

Support flexible working practices by letting staff self-manage parking. Offer spaces for casual paid bookings as a cheaper, more convenient CBD parking option.

Make Informed Decisions

Get the data you need to make informed decisions about your parking assets, including data on utilization, bookings, revenue and driver behaviour.

Automate Management

Centralise and automate your parking management by setting business rules for when drivers can book and access parking. Run your parking in an efficient, error-free and simple way.

How It Works


Administrators set parking rules and view reports.

Car Park

Mobile App

Staff and visitors book, manage and access office parking.

Access Hardware

Grants the right drivers access at the right times.

Case Studies



+ Cost Recovery

+ Increased Utilization

+ Employee Benefits

Office parking has traditionally been managed on a 1-to-1 allocation basis. Executives and salary sacrifice drivers are given a dedicated space, and that's the end of the story.

However, staff increasingly work from home, travel interstate, and work untraditional hours. Employees need more flexible parking options. IAG has worked closely with BaseUp across their portfolio to understand usage of their parking assets, and has used data to maximise parking availability to staff whilst minimising parking spend.

Shared parking has reduced reliance on expensive external parking licenses, and opened up fairly priced pay-per-use parking options for staff.

IAG now has more employees with access to parking and generates cost-recovery from casual parking.

Across our assets, we’ve been able to implement shared and paid casual parking to minimise our parking spend and maximise the benefit we’re able to provide back to staff.

A key part of this transition has been reducing our reliance on external parking spaces by improving in-house utilisation.

The data generated through BaseUp has given us a clear view of how our assets are being utilised, and has become invaluable to us and the Business Units we work with.

Nathan McCann - Head of Leasing, IAG


Facilities Management

+ Management Automation

+ Data & Reports

+ Client Engagement

Parking management is traditionally rigid and labour intensive while providing no data on asset usage. BaseUp's platform introduces flexible parking options while automating parking management, and provides the data needed for facilities and asset managers to make impactful decisions with their clients.

Working alongside JLL, we helped dramatically reduce the time spent on parking management by automating key tasks, and gave the team the data they needed to make meaningful changes to the way their client's parking assets were managed and used.

BaseUp has helped us understand, reshape and capitalise on our client's parking portfolio.

My team has been able to shift their focus from heavy administrative tasks to data lead decision making on one of our client’s most valuable property assets.

Phil Montano - Account Manager, JLL

Charter Hall


+ Tenant Amenity

+ Tenant Engagement

+ Improved ROI

Australian property groups are at the forefront of delivering technology solutions into their built environments to deliver additional value to their tenants.

At the same time, tenants are pushing back on the amount of parking spaces taken as part of their commercial leases.

By utilising BaseUp's platform, Charter Hall was able to make unleased spaces directly available to staff in their building, improving asset utilisation, increasing ROI, and providing cheaper, more convenient parking directly to tenants.

It’s exciting to see Australian Prop Tech companies like BaseUp delivering technology that enhances tenant customer experience and unlocks greater efficiency in car parking and built environments.

For our tenant customers who are currently using BaseUp technology, we have seen additional value unlocked by better utilisation and availability of car parking spaces combined with a frictionless experience and easy management.

Craig Rogers - Innovation Lead, Charter Hall

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