BaseUp for Landlords

BaseUp creates parking management technology for commercial office towers. We work with some of the world's largest landlords to enable flexible parking in their buildings. BaseUp is an employee-only solution — we don’t offer parking to the general public.

Using BaseUp, landlords are supporting flexible working by enabling flexible parking.

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Why enterprises
use BaseUp

As businesses transition to flexible working practices, their need for parking is changing.

They’re moving away from traditional, long-term arrangements for executives, towards more flexible, shared parking for all staff.

BaseUp enables flexible office parking

Working with BaseUp, Landlords have the ability to achieve the following:
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Tenant Amenity

Enabling your building with BaseUp lets tenants get the most from their leased parking.

We work with each tenant to ensure they’re maximising the value of their bays through utilisation, data and revenue.

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Return To Work

Providing safer commuting options encourages staff to return to the office.

BaseUp’s flexibility allows tenants to coordinate their staff however they’re managing their return to work.

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Complete Reporting

Get the data you need to make informed decisions about your parking assets.

Out of the box reporting on utilisation, revenue, driver behaviour and fringe benefits tax.

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Return On Investment

Landlords can use BaseUp to create an internal marketplace with any unleased bays in their building.

Unused bays can be leased directly to tenants’ staff on a casual, pay as you go basis.


How it works

BaseUp Management Dashboard on a Desktop
Administrators use the BaseUp Dashboard to set who has access to which parking spaces and under what conditions. They’ve got full access to data and analytics.
BaseUp Access Screen on a Mobile Phone
Mobile App
Employees use the Mobile App to self-manage parking based on the rules set for them. They use the App to enter and exit the car park with Bluetooth.
BaseUp Gatekeeper Access Controller
Access Hardware
Our hardware ensures that only the right people have car park access at the right time. We retrofit to your existing equipment and  access control systems.
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